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2 Factor Authentication

We are delighted to announce that Romesh Abeyawardena has joined the Concerto team! Romesh joins as a senior software developer and will work on a new 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) module to further improve the online security within the Concerto platform.

Unlike single-factor authentication, which requires only a password, 2FA authentication requires a second step verification. This second security key could come from one of the following categories:

  • Something you know, which will be your personal user password
  • Something you possess, in the case of Concerto this will be a secure one-time password from the Google Authenticator app

By introducing 2FA, we reduce the possibility that an attacker can impersonate a user and gain access to Concerto. Even if a hacker gains access to a password, they won’t have the second-factor authentication method required to validate.

The Concerto team will be contacting our customers shortly to help those who would like to enable this user authentication on their platform. Setup will only take a few minutes and will be a very familiar process to users who already use 2FA with other services such as Gmail, their personal Banking app, mobile devices, text message …

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Romesh Abeyawardena

Romesh joins from Connolls Group, where he was a senior web developer and will report directly to our Head of Software, Mike Allen.

Mike’s comments: “We went through a rigorous interview process with some exceptional candidates but Romesh stood out to us as his experience was well aligned with our technology stack. Romesh has been with the team for a week and already made great progress on our new 2FA module. I think we have found a real gem and I look forward to working with him”

Romesh adds: “I’m very happy to be onboard with Concerto. It has been a positive couple of weeks and the entire team has been friendly and supportive. I’m looking forward to making a positive impact towards the development of the applications we maintain and plan to release to our clients”

Romesh Abeyawardena - Senior Software Developer
Adam Smith, Concerto’s Managing Director adds: “Here at Concerto one of the core aspects of our product strategy is “Security comes first”. 2FA is just one of the many technologies we have introduced over the last 12 months that align with this strategy and provide our customers further control and protection of their sensitive data. I believe this will be a fantastic first project for Romesh and look forward to being able to roll out this new functionality to our customer base.
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About Concerto

Concerto is a unique, mobile-enabled, property asset management system with CAFM capability, providing a flexible, web-based and fully integrated property, project and asset management software solution. Concerto has successfully helped organisations for over a decade to build a deep understanding of their estate and assets.

As a result, management control is improved and the costs of maintaining and managing the entire portfolio are reduced. Concerto also simplifies internal processes, reduces complexity and improves communication. The powerful analytics programme displays complex property information in a simple, easy to understand format.