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Asset Verification

Our asset verification software gives users the ability to verify each and every asset across their estate. Every asset has a unique bar-code that is scanned and loaded directly into the Concerto database. Users can clearly verify the type of asset, where they are and the date of installation.

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Concerto Asset Verification

Condition Surveys

The condition survey module holds information which can produce an analysis of maintenance needs. The condition survey module will allow for the collection and retention of data relating to the condition of all major elements of both the external and internal fabric of buildings as well as the condition of all plant and services and the identification of any essential and non-essential repairs as well as planned maintenance requirements.

Data can be easily interrogated to produce a wide variety of reports. The reports can be accompanied by both CAD layouts and digital photographs linked to the software. The data can be edited and updated as works are completed giving accurate information on the building stock at a touch of a button.

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Concerto Condition Surveys
Concerto Mechanical Equipment Register

Mechanical Equipment Register

The Concerto mechanical equipment register is fully scalable and extensive. There is no limit to the number of assets that can be built into Concerto. Users can classify and configure the system to meet their own requirements.

Key features

  • Tracking of M&E assets and plant equipment
  • Built-in reporting to highlight breakdowns, poor-performing assets or upcoming critical dates
  • Ability to load key information for alerts such as warranty and associated hazards
  • Integrated checklists ensuring key tasks are undertaken for assets – including maintenance checklists and risk assessments
  • Multiple assets linked to single PPM ensuring easy resource scheduling
  • Instant access to all asset data from Engineer or Contractor mobile devices
  • Full asset history and audit
  • Association to all asset information so planned and reactive maintenance can be reviewed side by side
  • Asset surveys and updates for multiple assets undertaken quickly and efficiently from mobile devices
  • Link to maintenance standards – such as SFG20
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Concerto users are able to generate and circulate their own customised surveys which can be aimed at specific groups of users such as clients and premises officers.

The Concerto solution will accommodate bespoke user survey templates to allow ad hoc surveys to be carried on mobile devices i.e. freestanding wall inspections, plaster ceiling inspections etc.

Each survey can feature a section header and corresponding questions and it is possible to define the format of the answer, e.g. free-text, numbers, dates, yes/no, true/false or customised drop-downs. Furthermore, it is possible to denote that a question requires a mandatory answer in order for the recipient to submit, and also that the user can add additional comments or attachments.

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Concerto Surveys
Concerto Key Benefits

Key Benefits

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