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We’re delighted to share news of a series of prestigious, new contract wins underpinning Concerto as the UK’s leading CAFM Software provider.

These agreements with distinguished clients such as St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals NHS Trust, The University of Manchester, and Cambridgeshire County Council represent a significant leap forward in our mission to deliver unparalleled facility management solutions across various sectors.

A Diverse Client Base: A Testament to Our Versatile Solutions

As a proud member of the Bellrock Group, our reach extends across multiple sectors, including education, government, healthcare, retail, and leisure, showcasing the versatility and comprehensive nature of our software offerings. The recent influx of contract wins is a direct response to a marked shift in market demands—where the need for truly integrated, real-time software solutions has become more pronounced than ever, especially as organisations strive to move away from isolated and fragmented information systems.

The Concerto Difference: Innovating for a Connected Future

“Our recent success marks a pivotal moment for us,” states James Heysmond, Business Development Director of Concerto. “Entering new markets validates our strategy and highlights the unwavering commitment from our owners and board to make Concerto’s CAFM/IWMS software the best solution on the planet for both the built and non-built environments.

This ambition underscores our commitment to innovation, our dedication to customer service excellence, and our resolve to continuously advance our software solutions to meet and exceed the evolving demands of the market.

Revolutionising Estate Management at The University of Manchester

A cornerstone of our recent achievements is the five-year contract with The University of Manchester, a prestigious institution that stands at the forefront of educational excellence and research innovation. Our engagement will usher in a new era of estate management for the university, where the consolidation of data and automation of workflows will lead to a significant enhancement in administrative efficiency and strategic space utilisation.

This transformation is not merely a testament to our technological prowess but also to our strategic foresight in facilitating more sustainable and strategic planning within such a venerable institution.

Our Vision for the Road Ahead

As we progress with these exciting new partnerships, Concerto is not only responding to the current market demands but also actively participating in shaping the future landscape of integrated software solutions. Our commitment to innovation and strategic market growth propels us to the forefront of the CAFM and IWMS fields.

The endorsement from our diverse portfolio of clients serves as a powerful motivator for us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible within facility and estate management. We are setting trends, leading with confidence, and providing our clients with cutting-edge, integrated management solutions.

For more insights into our services and to keep up to date with our latest developments and breakthrough contracts, we invite you to follow Concerto’s journey. Together, let’s redefine the possibilities of efficient facility and estate management.