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Our project management system has integrated mobile functionality and is designed to fully support and maintain the project environment. It is currently employed across different industries and supports projects both in the public and private sector, including IT, property, business management, health and leisure and marketing.

An image showing cafm software conceptually

Programme & Portfolio Management

Concerto allows you to comprehensively manage both project programmes and portfolios with detailed budgetary information easily accessible. Advance features allow programme managers to oversee the overall portfolio and programme progress (such as highlight and status reports). Users can also drill down into individual projects, providing customised reports highlighting status across projects, programmes and the portfolio.

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Concerto Programme portfolio management
Concerto workflows and processes

Workflow & Processes

The software is highly configurable to facilitate seamless integration into the working practices of many types of organisations so that the workflow and processes that have already been established can be reflected and governed within the system. It is designed to support popular processes such as PRINCE2™ with linked in guidance. Team members can quickly access step-by-step instructions on what they need to do at any given point in the project, while a customisable structured workflow guides users through each step of the project.

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Collaborative Planning

Collaborative planning allows project managers to design a plan stage by stage and present it as an industry standard Gantt chart. Designs and plans can be updated directly on the project portal which is instantly shared with the rest of the project team. This collaborative feature keeps everyone ‘on the same page’ by allowing all stakeholders to have the same information.

The Concerto project planning functionality also rolls up projects to show the overall programme plan. The online planning tool can then track progress against the milestones and original baseline based on percentage completion against each stage.

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Collaborative planning
Concerto Document Management

Document Management

Document Management an essential and powerful component of the Concerto solution. This data storage and management repository facilitates the exchange of information on projects between staff, consultants and contractors and provides a central location for all project related correspondence, notes, photos, videos, reports and documentation. The built-in document approval and version control functionalities mean users always see the latest and up-to-date versions, eliminating the risk of duplication and miscommunication.

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Issues & Risk Management

Effectively record and monitor risks including assignment and tracking of mitigation actions and risk matrix. A generic user-defined ‘risk library’ can be created which is wholly customisable and can be configured to reflect your organisation’s approach. The project templates can make reference to the risks so that when a project manager selects a template when creating a new project the associated risks are automatically added. Each risk is scored to indicate its likelihood and impact as well as any countermeasures that are to be taken to mitigate the risk. Tasks and owners are also attached so that automated notification is sent to the person responsible for the risk.

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Concerto Issues and Risk Management
Concerto Integrated mobile technology

Integrated Mobile Technology

Concerto has built a technological solution that offers a great mobile experience with proven efficiency savings for the end user. The enterprise software framework incorporates all of your mobile working licenses. This, alongside our provision of highly cost-effective hardware, renders it cheaper than expected to implement across an organisation. Long-term gains include a single point of data entry, easy access to real life information on the move and the removal of administrative functions to duplicate data that is captured on site.

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Budget & Funding Management

It is in the field of budget management that Concerto meets the specific needs of the public sector as well as large corporate clients. An overall budget can be entered with detailed financial information available that can be drilled into, analysed, summarised and reported on in multiple ways. The software also interfaces with external finance systems such as CEDAR, Agresso, Sage, SAP, Timemaster and Oracle, amongst others.

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Concerto Fee and Contract Management

Fee & Contract Management

Concerto’s Fee Management feature links to the resource rather than the invoice, making it more intelligent at tracking cost. Fees can be linked to a resource and then time data can be added to produce a cost. This offers much greater visibility on where budgets are being spent, right down to the individual.

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Resource Management

The Projects central resourcing ‘Kanban’ board is a collaborative central resourcing feature designed for both screens and mobile devices for dispersed, on-the-go team members. Providing a central visual hub for information about your project tasks clearly, it links with the Project Calendar, Plan and Workflow for each project.  It is able to inform users of what resources are available on specific dates and plan them into the project schedule. Being able to see instantly when any resources will be available helps to create an effective project plan and prevents the overrun of projects from occurring.

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Concerto resource management
Concerto dashboard & reports

Dashboards & Reports

Create detailed reports with ease using the built-in report generator with its step-by-step wizard to select and tailor data or apply filters. Reports can be saved as ‘favourites’ and used repeatedly and can be scheduled to run and emailed automatically at given intervals. Dashboard highlight reporting and optional alerts offer immediate status reports on information such as financial over/underspends, schedule slippage and aids key property related decisions at key stages.

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Task Management

The management of tasks is a key element of the success of any project and the Concerto task management functionality allows tasks to be sent to individual team members and tracked. The auto alerts functions can send automatic emails to individual email accounts reminding them of when tasks are due for completion.

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Concerto Task management
Concerto Timesheet and Expenses

Timesheets & Expenses

Time tracking is an intuitive and easy-to-use timesheet component for gathering and tracking employee time spent on each job. The system completely automates the collection and preparation of weekly project time recording. Employees can easily and securely enter their timesheets online.

Each user is able to upload their expense records to the online system from any web-based location. The system stores all the relevant information and sends notifications to relevant users, which enables a smooth and effective expense tracking and payment system.

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Orders & Invoices

Concerto’s optional orders and invoicing feature allows orders to be raised against multiple budgets. Order sheets are printed and automatically emailed to the supplier. A built-in authorisation facility ensures users can only approve orders to their set security limit. Incoming invoices can be effortlessly uploaded and linked to appropriate budgets/projects and those budgets change accordingly.

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Concerto orders and invoicing
Concerto Business Performance

Business Performance

This web-based business performance tool offers a flexible, 360-degree view of all your projects and programmes. It can be configured to track and report on user-defined key performance indicators and show project progress against a target for those indicators. Indicators can be set against objectives and an overall aim to measure progress at a number of levels using traffic lights. The indicators can query any data in the system and users are able to define what can be tracked. The results can be automatically published to key users in the form of bulletins and email alerts where required.

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Key Benefits

  • Improve Efficiency
  • Enjoy Proven practices
  • Consolidation Data
  • Collaboration
  • Integrate
  • Improve Productivity
  • Realise Efficiency Savings
  • Information at your Fingertips
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Concerto Key Benefits


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