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Estates Management

The property and estate management software system is an intelligent web-based management solution. It enables organisations to effectively manage asset portfolios across different locations and underpins a centralised management approach. Its flexibility allows for a configuration that mirrors the requirements of your organisation.

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Estates Management Key Features

The Estates Management solution enables clients to effectively manage asset portfolios across disparate locations and improve a centralised management approach. The software is flexible, allowing a configuration that mirrors the requirements of your organisation. Take advantage of linked sites, documents, equipment and acquisition/disposal registers (including site reviews, condition surveys and valuations), customised measurement and reporting / KPIs and integrated GIS & CAD.

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Concerto Estates Management Key Features
Concerto dashboards and reporting

Dashboards & Reports

The in-built report generator can create detailed reports with ease using the step-by-step wizard to select and tailor data or apply filters. Reports can be saved as ‘favourites’ and used repeatedly and can be automatically scheduled to run and emailed at given intervals.

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Workflow & Processes

The Concerto solution is highly configurable to facilitate seamless integration into the working practices of many types of organisations so that the workflow and processes that have already been established can be reflected and governed within the system. It is also designed to support popular processes such as PRINCE2™ with linked-in guidance, which can be created in as much detail as required.

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Concerto Workflow and Process
Concerto Mobile working with bar coding

Mobile Working with Barcoding

The software framework incorporates all of your mobile working licenses at no additional cost. This, alongside our provision of highly cost-effective hardware, renders it cheaper than expected to implement across an organisation. Long-term gains include a single point of data entry, easy access to real life information on the move and the removal of admin functions to duplicate data that is captured on site. The barcoding capability allows on-site teams to scan a barcode that has been related to a specific asset, building block, room or equipment and seamlessly update the online system.

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Sites & Asset Register

A comprehensive site database allows users to hold key strategic data against their sites. Details such as address details, contact details, key photographs, and details of ownership are recorded and managed through a friendly intuitive input screen. Users can define what is visible on the site page and can include extra information as required.

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Concerto Site and Asset Register
Concerto equipment register and ppm

Equipment Register & PPM

The Concerto equipment register offers a comprehensive view of all mechanical and electrical equipment on site. It contains all details about the equipment including serial numbers, manufacturer, age and warranty information. All servicing details are held with dates for scheduled servicing being recorded. This also allows you to manage planned and reactive property related activities (within a BIM-enabled integrated environment where required).

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Fully mobile compliant using advanced, integrated mobile software and devices.

Disability Access Audit Module

The Concerto system features a DDA Surveys module which is based upon a series of configurable questions which are typically based around BS 8300:2001 “Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people – Code of practice”. The questionnaire is used to conduct a disability access survey of a given site or building, including capturing any non-conformities or remedials.

Condition Survey Module

The web-based and mobile compliant condition survey feature holds all related information and can produce an analysis of maintenance needs. A comprehensive suite of reports and graphics allows the analysis of the data and makes use of RAG reporting to rank sites and buildings.

Legionella Survey

This component allows building and property managers to record items where there is the potential of risk to a wide range of water bacteria. Items such as cold water storage tanks, taps or showers can be recorded at room or external block level and details of the management of potential risks associated with these items can be logged.


The web-based sufficiency feature is designed to provide sufficiency assessments across the whole range of educational and corporate buildings. All data related to the building is exported including type, designation and size. The Concerto sufficiency functionality produces a comprehensive extensive analysis of data and uses RAG reporting to score and rank sites and buildings.


The Concerto web-based suitability feature provides suitability assessments across a whole range of educational and corporate buildings so that asset management plans can be complemented with suitability information. The Concerto suitability functionality produces a comprehensive extensive analysis of data and the use of RAG reporting to score and rank sites and buildings.

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Concerto Surveys
Concerto Asbestos


The Asbestos Audit Management feature records the presence of asbestos material, identifying the risks to the building users. The functionality allows users to produce a comprehensive risk matrix across the property portfolio including extensive analysis. Clients are able to track samples and asbestos removal and allow users to identify asbestos locations for inclusion in a project for the safe and controlled removal of hazardous material.

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Document Management

Document management is an essential and powerful component of the Concerto solution. This data storage and management repository facilitates the exchange of information on projects between staff, consultants and contractors and provides a central location for all project related correspondence, notes, photos, videos, reports and documentation. The in-built document approval and version control functionality means users are always seeing the correct, and approved, version of any document at any time.

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Concerto Document Management
Concerto CAD GIS RD Viewer

CAD, GIS & 3D Viewer

Concerto Sites interacts with CAD drawing plans and allows users to import data from drawings to populate the system with an advanced graphic interface of the asset structure. This unique and powerful tool allows management and viewing of asset data to be viewed via a map and will display room type, room area, equipment and other vital data. This feature is designed to integrate with web-based GIS systems. The interface allows two-way navigation between Concerto Sites and the GIS system, for land, buildings, acquisitions, disposals and also managed (lease) records. The integrated 3D modelling functionality allows 3d BIM models to be viewed within the same HTML 5 browser without the use of any external software or plug-ins.

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Orders & Invoices

The Concerto orders and invoicing feature allows orders to be raised against multiple budgets. Order sheets are printed and automatically emailed to the supplier. A built-in authorisation facility ensures users can only approve orders to their set security limit. Incoming invoices can be effortlessly uploaded and linked to appropriate budgets/projects and those budgets change accordingly.

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Concerto orders and invoicing
Concerto FM and Property Helpdesk

FM & Property Helpdesk

The Concerto helpdesk provides tools to manage service requests, maintenance requests, complaints, enquiries or general comments. The requests are logged and notifications sent to relevant users. This is particularly useful for showing the actions that have been taken to resolve requests.

With advanced mobile technology, contractors can directly enter data and have easy access to real life information on the move. This removes admin functions to duplicate data that is captured on site.

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Case Management

Flexible and powerful, fully integrated case management functionality allows any case to be tracked across the organisation. This enables legal officers to employ their expertise where needed whilst automating and therefore, eliminating the repetitive administrative essentials.

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Concerto Case Management


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