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Concerto has been implemented for various departments of the States of Jersey since 2015. The software has evolved, building in incremental improvements and enhancements as a result of an in-depth and continuous understanding of their needs. In March 2018 the Department for Growth, Housing and Environment selected Concerto to manage maintenance work on critical infrastructure such as the sewage treatment works, the energy from waste plant and over 110 pumping stations.

The project for implementation of Concerto took six months of planning prior to its launch. The key priority was to ensure the mobile-user experience was as simple as possible, intuitive and easy to navigate. The system was set up and delivered on dead-line and under budget.

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The system is a single portal to book maintenance jobs on critical assets and analyse the completed work in terms of timescales and costs. States of Jersey customers log requests from site. As photos can be attached technicians can understand the issue in detail and prepare the tools, or materials to undertake the repairs as efficiently as possible.

The mobile or remote, functionality has had the most impact in driving efficiency. With all members of the team having access to the system communications are streamlined as notes are added, hours booked and calls completed from a mobile device whilst on-site.

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Employee accountability has become a thing of pride – teams are informally competing with one another to achieve ‘green’ dashboards


Developments such as the configuration of the FM Helpdesk and the integration with JD Edwards have proved invaluable to the Concerto user base as a whole

The system enables managers to understand workload and priorities, as well as allowing teams to complete reactive repairs much quicker
Bespoke dashboards are used to measure performance against objectives set in the department’s annual business plan
Employee accountability has become a thing of pride – teams are informally competing with one another to achieve ‘green’ dashboards

Reduced downtime of critical assets

Improved, streamlined internal communication channels, broken down by job
Customer feedback – real-time, two-way conversation enhances their overall experience and satisfaction

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