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Portsmouth City Council like all other local authorities took on new responsibility for public health as a result of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. Under the 2012 reforms, Portsmouth City Council now works on the three key domains of public health, health improvement, health protection and health services.

In addition to having a general duty to improve local public health, Portsmouth City Council has taken specific responsibilities for commissioning a list of services, some of which are already part of this council’s work, while others (such as the NHS Health Check programme) were less familiar. As a result, many new and dynamic projects were initiated across the city.

About Bellrock Services

The Council selected the Concerto projects module along with its integrated performance management functionality to facilitate the public health plan projects.

All of the documentation related to public health has been migrated on to the Concerto platform, including the Portsmouth Public Health business plan. Stakeholders can review performance at a programme and project level performance as well as being able to drill down in to individual projects. Every member of team also has easy and real-time access to documents, reports and performance information.

Members of the team manage their time and prioritise tasks as part of the overall project schedule. The integration with the finance system enables early identification and reasoning for overspends so that agreement can be reached with minimal impact on the progress of the project.

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Over 40 projects are managed in the system at any given time.

Automated reporting ensures end of quarter reports are delivered on time.
Integration with the finance system for budgetary performance.

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