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Get a first-hand look at some of the tools and features Concerto has to offer. Find out how to streamline your business operations with end-to-end estates management.

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Understanding the Estate

The best starting point for understanding your property assets is to have a good sense of the information about the assets in your buildings and their condition using the Condition Survey Module embedded within the Concerto software suite.

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Concerto Understanding the Estate
The Concerto Homepage

The Homepage

The spine of your property’s assets and the information that resides within them; an overview of the types of information collected that will help you to maintain and support your property moving forward.

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Planned & Reactive: Managing Jobs from Inception to Completion

The capturing of information in the system is very much decentralised through our supply chain, our mobile engineering workflows, our clients and building users. Information ultimately ends up in our central helpdesk system and it’s within here that our clients, our FMIC team and our FMs themselves manage the jobs from inception through to completion.

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Concerto Asset Management
Concerto Planned Reactive Fixmy compliance

Planned & Reactive: Compliance

Keep on track of your compliance on all of the different PPM commodities across the whole of your estate.

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Planned, Reactive & FixMy: The Building User

Concerto’s mobile application FixMy allows users to log jobs directly to the helpdesk through their mobile phone or device using a straightforward and efficient workflow.

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Concerto Planned Reactive Fixmy client access

Planned, Reactive & FixMy: Client Access

Concerto’s mobile application allows our customers to quickly and easily interact with the software for approving assets and quotations.

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The Project Module

The Project Module manages capital and planned maintenance projects. Information can be captured, stored and viewed such as the project type, the status and RAID, budgets, expenditures and fees, key documents, project plans, resources, key governance items and workflows, all linking back to the property asset itself.

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Concerto dashboard & reports

The Analytics Toolkit

A detailed analytics suite sitting within Concerto that allows us to offer out to our customers, suppliers and operational managers’ key analytics to help them to demonstrate performance is where it should be.

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Intelligent Workplaces & IoT

A key component of being able to manage your workspace effectively is to be able to identify the potential of an asset failing, before it actually fails. Bellrock and Concerto have been addressing this for quite some time and have built an integrated IoT interpretation layer with the Concerto software.

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