So, what can Concerto do for me?

A Quick Preview Of The Software

Concerto property asset management software suite

The Concerto property asset management software suite provides flexible, web based, off-the-shelf solutions yet unlike many competing suppliers, Concerto also takes the long-term view. The Concerto team has excellent relationships will all clients and actively incorporates customers’ feedback into its fully integrated property project and asset management suite of software. The innovative yet grounded approach allows Concerto to deliver unusually high functionality at a very competitive price for both public and private sector clients. This software suite can be fully integrated or implemented as stand alone modules integrating easily with many existing systems. It supports a range of industries providing comprehensive, flexible and BIM enabled property asset management software solutions for Project, Asset and Facilities Management.

How Do I Access The Software?

We offer both a fully hosted and an in-house hosting solution. Click on the images below or contact us for further information.


    If you are looking for a reliable, resilient and highly secure hosting solution and would like to free up time, resources and risk in your organisation, concerto can offer a fully hosted solution for your software package. Your software can be hosted on our secure hosted servers, removing the need to deploy the software in house and the associated administration costs. Further benefits of a hosted ‘cloud based’ solution are:

    • Rapid deployment
    • No internal hardware, procurement or maintenance cost
    • 100% devolved support
    • Access anytime anywhere
    • Much easier infrastructure upgrade path
    • Reduced interruption whilst applying software upgrades

    If you are a larger organisation with an established, specialist IT department, an in-house hosting solution is offered. Concerto software can be deployed in-house and within your VPN allowing external users to access the system from a web server. This gives you complete control over your network security. Some further benefits of an in-house solution are:

    • Security in the knowledge that all your data is behind your firewall
    • Greater comfort around network security
    • Ability to interface with other internal software, such as Active Directory, finance systems and resource management systems.
    • Greater ease when creating additional reports through third party reporting tools such as Crystal reports

case studies

Concerto works with over 60 councils across the UK and with clients in the private sector in many different environments and on very different scales. Here are some examples of how are clients are using the software.

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