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Concerto Facilities Management CAFM software is a web-based FM helpdesk and PPM system, used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into the Concerto Asset Management software system. The Concerto Facilities Management CAFM software allows you to efficiently manage all planned and reactive property related activities within a BIM-enabled integrated environment where required.

With extensive customisable CAFM functionality and a built-in mobile software application, Concerto offers a great user experience and excellent value for money.


A customisable web portal dashboard allows users an at-a-glance overview of current and outstanding works issues, financials and all other information that each particular user needs to know. Automated e-mail alerts ensure that operatives, clients and contractors are kept informed and updated with the information they need at every stage.
Along with this, dashboard highlight reporting offers immediate status reports on information such as financial over/underspends, schedule slippage and risks and aids property related decisions at key stages.


The Concerto Facilities Management CAFM helpdesk encompasses rich, flexible functionality offering an efficient, high quality and responsive service. Easily accessible and centrally managed, the Concerto helpdesk will allow users to log calls efficiently and track their progress through to resolution, ensuring clients are satisfied and that contractors are paid in a timely manner.
Via a user-definable web portal, operatives can manage service and maintenance requests, complaints, enquiries or general comments along with works ordering and invoicing. When requests are logged, notifications are automatically sent to relevant users, which is particularly useful for showing the actions that have been taken to resolve requests. Operatives can then raise a work order, a purchase order, a quote for services or even book a room. Callers are kept fully informed throughout and the facilities team is kept in touch with the progress of outstanding calls against SLAs. The system uses intuitive, graphical information to offer an at-a-glance overview of progress, required and outstanding works.

Being fully mobile, calls can be logged by clients via a web browser on any device, anytime, anywhere. Contractors can operate on the move, allowing them to access the information they need and feedback their data with no need for duplicative administration.


The Concerto Facilities Management CAFM helpdesk and PPM solutions incorporate all of your mobile working licenses at no additional cost. Users of your buildings can capture helpdesk jobs on the move and your operatives and/or contractors can interact through the mobile application to review and update the status of jobs.
Concerto Mobile can also scan and record new data from on-site teams using barcode scanning software. For example, on site FM teams can scan a barcode that has been related to a specific asset, building block, room or equipment. Using this up-to-the-minute-software, engineers enter data into the web-based system that is then seamlessly updated and visible to all users. Data can also be downloaded to mobile devices, which is particularly useful when working on systems buried deep in a basement or in a remote area where there is no data signal available.

With long-term gains such as single point of data entry, easy access to real life information and the removal of administrative functions to duplicate data that is captured on site, Concerto offers a great mobile experience and proven efficiency savings for the end user. 


Document management is an essential and powerful component of the Concerto Facilities Management CAFM solution. Data storage and management repository facilitates the exchange of information between operatives, clients and contractors and provides a central location for all FM related documentation and compliance data. This data may include fire safety logs, legionella certificates, floor plans, surveys (including asbestos, legionella and suitability and sufficiency where required), notes, photos, videos and reports.


Building and Property Managers are able to record items where there is the potential of a risk to a wide range of water bacteria. Items such as cold water storage tanks, taps or showers can be recorded on site at room or external block level and details of the management of potential risks associated with these items can be logged.


Contractors can carry out relevant risk assessments via checklists directly from site, which are seamlessly fed into the system. Automatic alerts notify users of any related hazard such as the presence of asbestos.


Operatives can easily manage contractors and Facilities Management teams with the ability to schedule work and view trade peoples availability on a work planner. The solution also provides a clear and proactive management of service level agreements.


The Concerto Facilities Management help desk and PPM solution fully supports the remedial works process.


The Concerto Facilities Management helpdesk works ordering functionality allows operatives to raise work assignments both to in-house maintenance staff and external contractors. Cost allocation is easy with the option to raise purchase orders during the call logging process. Works orders can be raised to an internal contractor via email. When raising an order with an external contractor, the contractor receives an order sheet via email whereby they can quote, and if approved by the system via a pre-set security limit, carry out the work and record their costs and materials back into the system for financial analysis.

By linking this to your internal finance system, the solution will offer a 360-degree financial view of property performance over time.


The Concerto Facilities Management orders and invoicing feature is optional and allows orders to be raised against multiple budgets. Order sheets can be printed and automatically emailed to the supplier. A built-in authorisation facility ensures users can only approve orders to their set security limit. Incoming invoices can be uploaded and linked to the appropriate budget/project.
Having the optional orders and invoicing functionality integrated into your solution allows you to create an analysis of expenditure on assets, including recurring issues and faults. By also linking this to your internal finance system, the solution will offer a 360-degree financial view of property performance over time.


The Concerto Facilities Management PPM module assists with the management of the full life cycle of all planned maintenance tasks, enabling the facilities team to mitigate risk. When the scheduler identifies that planned maintenance work is due, the software will automatically generate work orders. 

Programmes of planned maintenance work link up to related survey data and compliance documentation such as fire safety logs and floor plans.
Comprehensive online legislative guidance is also available.


The Concerto CAFM helpdesk seamlessly integrates into select or all aspects of the Concerto asset management solution, offering a complete property management CAFM solution under one umbrella. Concerto acts as a central hub for all property asset information with no need for plug-ins.

Modules such as sites, equipment register, estates management, surveys, CAD/GIS, case management, financial management and IFRS capital accounting, make Concerto a complete package.

The solution offers flexible, user-friendly functionality with customer definable workflows, intelligent reporting and advanced mobile technology as standard and offers excellent value for money.

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