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The solution gives managers a helicopter view of how their department is performing which has improved the efficiency of our performance management. The flexibility of the system is a major plus point.

The Concerto Business Performance software is a web based performance management tool. It improves business strategy and performance by enabling users to seamlessly interlink their business plans and their day to day projects. This results in precise and up-to-the-minute business planning data. It can be employed as a stand alone module, however it has been designed to work in conjunction with Concerto Projects integrating seamlessly and helping you to make the most of your data.

It has been designed to add the extra dimension to your project and business planning. Working in conjunction with the Concerto project management solution, The Concerto business performance software enables users to plan out their business goals, set objectives, set KPIs and associate risks to your business plan. Unlike other business performance software, Concerto Business Performance then interfaces with Concerto Projects and allows users to continue to manage their business plan seamlessly through automated reports and integrated financial tracking modules.


Concerto Business Performance also allows your team members to be assigned to predefined KPIs and will automatically notify them when performance measurements are due to be taken. These values can be added via the Concerto mobile application, which also enables supporting data to be uploaded and validated. The business performance dashboard also offers an exhaustive and meaningful easy to access view of performance against your strategy, allowing the ability to drill down and find any root causes to possible underperformance. So, from one simple to use web page, you can create your business plans, associate you plans to performance indicators, link the plans to projects enabling resource, timescales and cost to be monitored, offering a total 360 degree view.

Project Management Software

Concerto is a very powerful, modern tool. It is intuitive and requires minimal training. Their system is transforming our business and they come highly recommended.

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Estate Management Software

A user friendly, highly visual, easy to read and access comprehensive information system on assets. It is highly regarded by our users.

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Facilities Management Software

A Hugely powerful and impressive piece of software that is revolutionising our reporting.  Our staff are still surprised at what it is capable of.

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