15 Feb 2017

To kick off our recent contract win with the Government of Bermuda, our Senior Project Manager Sally arrived on the island last Friday to run a series of workshops and oversee implementation.

“Day two is complete and it was an all systems go day with the Helpdesk team. By the end of the session we were well on the way to an agreed Helpdesk structure and everyone was very enthusiastic about their new system. I met with the Minister of Public Works who has requested a presentation of the system on Friday and the focus tomorrow is on PPM and projects”. Sally.

Concerto’s Project manager Sally delivers a series of workshops

The Government of Bermuda Helpdesk team

With a property portfolio managed in very much the same way as here on the British mainland, the government of Bermuda selected Concerto to manage their property portfolio and bring together all property related functionality under one roof, including

  • maintaining and implementing a property asset management plan;
  • providing property and land related management services to all ministries;
  • landlord management for all Government owned properties;
  • licenses and lease management for the foreshore and seabed;
  • ensuring all properties are adequately insured;
  • providing facilities management for all buildings;
  • providing maintenance, repairs and minor renovations for all buildings.


Acting as a central hub, Concerto brings together all property management related functionality under one roof. It links your finance system, your project environment and you asset and operational management together to facilitate holistic, collaborative and highly efficient management of your assets. The functionality is rich and organisations can select the functionality they require from an array of components, which are configurable to internal processes.

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