24 May 2017


Is your organisation is considering a new asset management solution?

If so, we would like to introduce to you the Concerto Asset Management Enterprise Solution which is currently used by over 60 Public Sector organisations across the UK. A 360 degree integrated, user-friendly web based solution with significant strengths when compared with other solutions on the market today. As a company, we understand the potential concerns around changing systems and have tried and tested, robust processes in place to make this a short and painless path to an efficient, transparent and collaborative way of working…


“Carrying out a refresh of our data on the Concerto system was quick and easy. To do an export from the old system into Concerto, exactly where I wanted the data to end up, was efficient from start to finish. In a previous life I would have relied on the software provider to do it for me. This would have taken a lot longer and cost us more.”
Data Analyst at Oldham borough Council

In an interview about data migration, Concerto’s lead Data Analyst David Carr and Project Manager James Heysmond talk about the data migration process and how savings can be made….

“As a technology partner to public sector organisations across the UK, we are aware of the potential pitfalls of data migration. Weeks and weeks of man-hours spent on moving data, with plenty of room for error, costs money unnecessarily. This is a scenario we avoid, explains David Carr, Concerto’s lead Data Analyst. “We have robust, automated systems in place to ensure this process is quick, easy and risk free.”

Concerto Project Manager James highlights the savings to be made through efficiency in data migration saying, “There are clear, cash benefits to this process. Firstly, thanks to these advanced routines, it doesn’t require anywhere near as many days to take out the data and script the data in. Secondly, our import routines provide exception reports, which tell the user if there is anything wrong in the data set. It also tells you exactly where the error is, ensuring it is easily located and corrected before it is imported. This data validation process saves so much time – imagine if an import just failed and gave no notification of why, or where the error is.”

“In my opinion, too many other suppliers rely solely on the developer to script the data migration process. This puts the emphasis on people and man-hours rather than on automation, using the technology itself to ensure efficiencies.”



A key to Concerto’s successful uptake is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Intelligently designed customisable dashboards with at-a-glace key information always available mean that users do not feel overwhelmed and find their way around easily.

“The ongoing support from Concerto has been brilliant. I’ve never felt that I’ve had to wait long to get a query or issue dealt with and I find the software really easy to use”

Concerto also offers a cusotmisable supplier portal to ensure its optimal usability is extended to all users.

“The concerto interface is simple to use by FM teams and makes it much easier to identify faulty items. We are now in a much better place to deliver key objectives. FM Manager, Manchester City Council

This results is a positive and rapid take up by users and minimises the need for training which can be offered via the traditional workshops, but also video link and via our online help system.


“Concerto is a powerful, flexible solution and very intuitive to use. The solution does everything we want it to and offers great scope for further development. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. It is an intuitive and powerful system, which offers great flexibility, functionality and value for money. – The University of Warwick

Concerto is very rich in functionality and ‘packs a lot of punch’ for its cost and so offers excellent value for money. Also, Enterprise-wide licencing (as opposed to a per-user licencing model) means that an unlimited number of authorised users can access the system under a single umbrella licence. This simplified approach offers much better value for money for our customers.


The G-Cloud framework was developed by the Government Procurement Service to allow public sector organisations to purchase cloud based IT solutions directly, avoiding the tender process all together. This is a key component of the Government’s ICT strategy, which offers significant savings of up to 60% to Public Sector Organisations. Benefits include:

  • avoiding long contracts
  • buying the exact amount of computing resources you need
  • saving money on maintenance and physical storage
  • avoiding custom-built solutions which take a long time to create, are expensive and difficult to upgrade

The full Concerto suite is available to purchase directly from G-Clouds Digital Marketplace and a number of users have procured Concerto this way.

If you would like to speak to us about your requirements, click here to enquire.

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