Concerto Support Services becomes part of Bellrock Group

On August 29th 2016 Concerto Support Services Limited became part of the Bellrock Group. Bellrock is one of the UKs leading Facilities Management (FM) and Property Management (PM) businesses. Established in 2000 (as SGP) and backed by Lyceum Capital since 2013 their vision is to continue to provide their clients with market leading, technology driven, FM and Property Management services.

Bellrock has sought to differentiate from their competitors by offering a technology driven range of FM and PM services. Increasing market interest and client demand led to the need for a genuinely integrated suite of software solutions that clients could use across their estate.

Concerto have developed their offering to provide the exact fit for this requirement and the potential for clients and prospects of each business to access a broader range of services.

Concerto Support services will continue to trade in its own name and use its existing office in Frodsham.

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Concerto to support Nottinghamshire County Council’s Joint venture for property management

As a result of changes in government funding over the last few years, Nottinghamshire County Council have sought to replace their existing model for service delivery. In September 2015 as part of the County Council’s Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS), the Council successfully embarked on a new joint venture with another publically owned company, Scape Group Ltd. The key purpose of the joint venture (known as Arc Property Services Partnership) is for:

• The provision of building design, refurbishments and operations
• Long-term sustainability
• A modern and sustainable service delivery model

“Scape is a very successful company that has achieved outstanding results in recent years. The company was selected due to its ethos and ability to compliment the council’s in house skills and resources.”

Nottinghamshire County Council has been a valued and long-standing user of the Concerto solution for the management of all operational and non-operational assets across the Council, along with the management of its capital programme. The Concerto solution is now being carried over under the umbrella of the new joint venture and will continue to play a key role in the efficient and successful management of Nottinghamshire county Council’s property portfolio.

Implementation is well under way and Care Line, the new help desk department, is now live and taking reactive maintenance calls via the Concerto help desk. Concerto are now working together with Arc on subtle developments to the Compliance module in order to streamline the solution with the Council’s internal processes and aim to go live with the Project Management module within the next month.

“We are working well with Concerto to have the Joint Venture, Arc Property Services Partnership, up and running by 1st June 2016”.

Paul Cooper, Team Manager Group Business Practice, Nottinghamshire County Council

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Stirling Council selects Concerto via G Cloud

stirling-councilConcerto via G Cloud

We are delighted to welcome Stirling Council to our user group and to our growing group of Scottish Authorities using the Concerto integrated asset management solution.

After purchasing Concerto via the Government’s Digital marketplace – G-Cloud, the team at Stirling is working together with Concerto to implement the solution across their property department

The G Cloud Digital Marketplace is proving a success for public sector organisations that wish to buy directly, speeding up their procurement by bypassing the tender process. Concerto has welcomed a number of new public sector clients who have purchased via G-Cloud in 2016, including Wiltshire Council and Stirling Council.

“We are very pleased to welcome Stirling Council to our Scottish user group and look forward to working together. Our G-Cloud listing has proven a success for both ourselves and our Public Sector clients”
Kevan Davey, Managing Directo, Concerto

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Concerto welcomes Wiltshire Council to user group


Concerto welcomes Wiltshire Council

Wiltshire Council is the latest public sector organisation to procure the Concerto asset management solution via the government’s Digital Marketplace, G-Cloud.

Wiltshire Council is now working with Concerto to implement the solution across its property department to manage its diverse operational and non operational land and property assets portfolio.

“We are already well under way with the implementation process and are looking forward to a continuing positive ongoing working relationship with Wilshire”.
Lawrence, Project Manager, Concerto

Concerto offers a modern, web based and user-friendly property asset management solution. The solution acts as a central hub, bringing together all property related data under one over arching system allowing a 360 degree holistic view of the performance of all property assets.

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Wirral IT Services adopt Concerto Projects

Earlier in the year, Wirral Council began implementing the Concerto integrated asset management solution to capture and manage all aspects of property and related asset data owned or managed by the Council, namely approximately 2,500 property assets covering a broad and diverse range of buildings.

The Concerto Help Desk and PPM module is also being used by the Education department to provide a comprehensive premises support service to the schools across the Authority. Head Teachers and school managers have access to all their data via a simple, user-friendly web portal to keep ahead of remedial and repair works, compliance checks, survey information and other associated premise issues. Suppliers can also log in to the suppliers portal where they can submit job completion data and applications for payment, which are automatically processed by the system.

More recently, the Wirral IT services department has adopted the integrated project management module of the solution. The IT department will now be using the system to manage their IT projects and to assist with resource management.

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Concerto set to go live at States of Jersey

Concerto goes live at States of Jersey

Jersey Property holdings (JPH), the States of Jersey property department, went out to tender earlier this year for a modern property asset management software solution that would offer centralised, full life cycle property asset management support across the department for all property management functions.

Since being awarded the contract, Concerto has been working alongside States of Jersey on a number of bespoke developments. This has included two-way financial interfaces between the Concerto property asset management software solution and Jersey’s internal finance system. This interface will now give the department a 360 degree consolidated view of financial performance.

The States of Jersey will be going live with Concerto on 4th January with the following elements:

  • Managing core asset data
  • Automated bi-directional finance interface with the states ERP system
  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Reactive helpdesk
  • Revenue projects
  • Supplier’s portal

Concerto and JPH have also worked closely together to align the solution with Jersey’s colloquial terms, many of which are not used in the UK.

“Further to the above, which follows our standard implementation directive, we have made some alterations to the software so that we can now further accommodate specific client terminology. In certain areas States of Jersey use specific terminology, such as “Vingtaine” which literally translates as “group of twenty” in French. This is what our U.K mainland local authority clients, know as “Parish” against a site record. Additionally Jersey does not have VAT instead, a tax called Goods and Services Tax (GST) at a rate of 5%. Whilst the system could already accommodate various tax rates it was important that we made certain labels configurable so the end users feel at one with the software”.

James Heysmond, Project Manager, Concerto

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Concerto welcomes Orkney Islands Council


Concerto is pleased to welcome Orkney Islands Council as a new user group member.

Concerto will soon be working alongside Orkney Islands Council implementing the Concerto asset management solution across the Scottish Authority.

Orkney Islands Council selected Concerto as their technology of choice via the Government’s G Cloud Digital Marketplace.

“We are delighted with winning this contract to work with Orkney Islands Council. By purchasing via G Cloud, Orkney have been able to avoid the tender process all together and save time and resource. We are very much looking forward to working together.”
Kevan Davey, Managing Director, Concerto

Find us on G Cloud >>

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Concerto feature in FM World Magazine – Seeking Wise Council


Concerto is delighted to feature in the latest edition of FM World, the magazine for the British Institute of Facilities Management.

Editor Martin Read writes an excellent 5-page piece about the £45 million property services contract in place with Lincolnshire County Council, which uses the Concerto software as the core CAFM system supporting this NEC3 Term Service Contract.

“Seeking Wise council” explores how transparency in communication between the disparate parties involved in running a property services contract leads to informed, intelligent decision making.

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Bright Futures Educational Trust (BFET) selects Concerto technology

BFET logo

Concerto is pleased to announce a new contract with Bright Futures Educational Trust. BFET is a partnership of schools based in the North West with the aim of providing a world-class education to pupils of all backgrounds. The Trust was set up in 2011 in consultation with the Department for Education and Manchester City Council.

The Concerto property asset management integrated solution will be used to manage the whole school estate, which consists of 9 schools and their associated buildings. This includes ongoing facilities and asset management, building project management and financial programming and management.

The Trust is involved in a number of new design projects and recently completed the build on the exciting Connell Sixth Form College, which is part of the ambitious Beswick regeneration project in East Manchester.

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Wandsworth Borough Council select Concerto for 360 degree property management

Wandsworth Borough Council is the newest London Borough member of the Concerto user group, joining LB Islington, LB Kingston, LB Kensington & Chelsea, LB Waltham Forest and the London Pensions Authority.

The London Borough of Wansdworth has selected Concerto to facilitate the centralised management of Facilities, Estates, Assets and projects. The council sought a comprehensive CAFM system to support the management of their new FM contract, which is due to begin early 2016.

In addition to providing the council with a core Facilities Management help desk, the Concerto system will also:

  • Manage condition surveys and planned and programmed maintenance programmes for all Council buildings

  • Provide comprehensive functionality for contract monitoring and raising orders and invoices

  • Provide complete Estates Management to support the management of the Council’s commercial property portfolio

  • Cover all other aspects of asset management including surveys, space planning, and acting as the Finance Asset Register

  • Comprehensively support project and programme management



One of the key requirements was to implement a system that is flexible and configurable in order to meet the council’s requirements. A further key requirement was to implement a system that is user friendly and obvious to use, not only for internal staff but also external suppliers and contractors who may not always be eligible for training.

Concerto’s Managing Director, Kevan Davey, explains, “The general principle of design is to provide a consistent, easy to use interface through taking many of the styling cues from modern web based social media sites. This approach means that the end users are generally comfortable with the use of the system from day one, which reduces the need for comprehensive training programmes.

He continues, “Being fully web based, rolling the system out to contractors, consultants and other stakeholders is easy with every type of user having a consistent look and feel. The System will allow the Council’s contractors and suppliers to use the system via their own devices for a variety of tasks associated with the provision of FM. They will have role defined home pages allows them to see the key information relevant to them and this information is controlled by the council.”

Access via mobile devices and remote laptops by contractors is a key part of the Concerto functionality. Suppliers can access their data on the system using their own devices without the need for organisations to insist of particular hardware.

“We are very pleased to have been selected by Wandsworth Council and welcome their users to our user group. We look forward to working together over the coming years”.

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