Concerto Support Services becomes part of Bellrock Group

On August 29th 2016 Concerto Support Services Limited became part of the Bellrock Group. Bellrock is one of the UKs leading Facilities Management (FM) and Property Management (PM) businesses. Established in 2000 (as SGP) and backed by Lyceum Capital since 2013 their vision is to continue to provide their clients with market leading, technology driven, FM and Property Management services.

Bellrock has sought to differentiate from their competitors by offering a technology driven range of FM and PM services. Increasing market interest and client demand led to the need for a genuinely integrated suite of software solutions that clients could use across their estate.

Concerto have developed their offering to provide the exact fit for this requirement and the potential for clients and prospects of each business to access a broader range of services.

Concerto Support services will continue to trade in its own name and use its existing office in Frodsham.

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The Future of Public Sector Property and Estates Conference at Salford University

Concerto was recently invited back to present at The Future of Public Sector Property and Estates Conference at Salford University. During the presentation, we discussed some of the key issues Local Authorities face in ensuring validated project data is handed over for successful asset management, particularly in a BIM environment. We also examined the efficiencies that can be realised via integrated mobile technology, detailing a well-known case study as an example of how it this technology is being used successfully in a BIM environment.

Manchester City Council has been using Concerto’s integrated mobile technology for the past 4 years as part of the Concerto CAFM solution. The FM team comments on the mobile technology we discussed at the conference in an interview with Building magazine’s Thomas Lane:

“The [Concerto] interface is simple to use by FM teams. If a worker reports that a room is too cold, the FM department can pull up the systems supplying heat to that room and isolate these from the highly complex M&E systems supplying everything else. This makes it much easier to identify potentially faulty items, such as the boiler supplying the cold room. Once the offending piece of kit has been identified, it is centred on the user’s screen and placed in context, enabling the FM team to work out how to access it. They can also link to the operation and maintenance manuals and fault codes for that boiler, historical work, cost and survey information”.

“Data can also be downloaded to mobile devices, which is particularly useful when working on systems buried deep in a basement or in a remote area where there no data signal available”.

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Concerto approved for G-Cloud 6

Concerto approved for G-Cloud 6

Following a strict set of evaluation criteria and assurance checks before approval, Concerto has been accepted onto the new G Cloud 6 Framework and is now available via the new UK G-Cloud 6 Government Digital Marketplace portal under the SaaS category.

With inclusion onto the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace, Concerto can extend its offerings within the public sector. With extensive information available, perspective Public Sector clients can purchase any or all of the comprehensive Concerto software solutions directly from the Marketplace and bypass the tender process altogether.

“It is great news that Concerto has been accepted onto the marketplace again. In the new G-Cloud 6 SaaS structure, Concerto has 3 comprehensive listings for Project, Performance and Asset/FM management, which allow us to outline detailed functionality, pricing and licensing information for each solution as well as for the integrated suite as a whole”.

Kevan Davey, Managing Director, Concerto

Concerto is an integrated, highly configurable, web based software suite, which offers much more than expected from a standard Property Management and CAFM system. Acting as a central hub, Concerto brings together all property management related functionality under one roof, that can link your finance system, your project environment and your asset and operational management together to facilitate holistic, collaborative and highly efficient management of your assets. The functionality is rich and organisations can select from an array of components, which are easily configurable to their own internal practices. The advanced Concerto mobile technology is fully integrated allowing all authorised stakeholders, FM teams and contractors direct access wherever they are at no extra cost. The solution offers excellent value for money.

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Concerto Present at Salford University Conference

On the 11th February, Concerto will be presenting at “The Future of Public Sector Property and Estates Conference and Exhibition 2015” at Salford University.

The conference examines approaches to the reduction in the costs of estates through effective management,  and opportunities to increase efficiency, secure considerable savings and create modern places of work. The focus is also around mobile working for Facilities Management team for facilitated flexible working.

Concerto’s Managing Director, Kevan Davey, will be presenting on the topic of the effective use of validated data using case study examples to demonstrate effective data sharing and mobile working in practice.

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9 Way in which the Concerto solution facilitates the delivery of BIM…

Concerto offers intuitive property project, asset and facilities management solutions which facilitate complete integration and successful delivery of the BIM environment throughout this process. With a robust framework in place ensuring everyone is on board with BIM, having the correct platform to capture and manage data and importantly validate it, will then facilitate its successful delivery long term.

The Concerto Solution:

1 Supports the automated implementation of BIM data captured during the property design and construction phase into the property asset management solution.

2 Defines a process/checklist which enables clients to understand what BIM actually means and also understand how the level of data to be captured during the design and build phase impacts on the building handover. In brief, helps a client become an ‘intelligent client’.

3 Aids the efficient hand-over of BIM related data to the end user of the building.

4 Allows a 360 degree approach to the managing and updating of BIM related data supporting the approach to updating/editing BIM data outside of the design environment, whilst updating the design environment automatically.

5 Allows the intelligent client the ability to define the BIM data required for operational use and automatically pushes the defined data into the operational management system.

6 Allows the end user of the building to leverage the collated BIM data, in both data table and visual forms, served via web technology for use within a facilities management environment.

7 Provides a software environment in which the engineering asset related BIM data can be linked to planned and reactive maintenance activities, enabling performance and financial analysis of the assets to be undertaken. This data can then be utilised for review against subsequent and/or similar property related projects, enabling lessons to be learned from project to project.

8 Enables engineering asset related BIM data to be directly associated with property condition surveys, enabling condition scores related to property related engineering assets be reportable as part of a property condition 5 year rolling programme.

9 Creates and presents a technology strategy in support of the requirement to adopt a modern technological infrastructure in order to leverage BIM as a whole regardless of building life cycle stage.

More about the Concerto BIM solution

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Digital Market place sales average £25 million per month

The Digital Marketplace G-Cloud sees sales now totalling £314m and averaging £25m a month

A month by month breakdown on the G-Cloud website shows that:

  • £314,226,293.11 – current total of reported G-Cloud sales, in September 2014
  • 53% of total sales by value and 61% by volume, from all reported G-Cloud sales to date, have been awarded to SMEs
  • 80% of total sales by value were through Central Government; 20% through the Wider Public Sector

Despite only 42% of total sales in September being awarded to SME’s, it seems that overall SME’s are performing well with 53% of total sales over time.

The Cloud Software as a Service category, in which Concerto’s web based solutions can be found, was responsible for sales of £1.96 million out of a total £26.5 million last month. There appears to be a general increasing trend in this category over time for SME’s which is promising.

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Building Owners in the US and UK increasing their involvement with BIM in the next two years

Building Owners in the US and UK increasing their involvement with BIM in the next two years

According to a report released by McGraw Hill Construction this month, building owners in both the US and the UK are increasing the use of BIM on their projects rapidly.

  • 40% of U.S. owners and 38% of U.K. owners expect that more than 75% of their projects will involve BIM in just two years, with a particularly high level of growth in the U.S.
  • Growth in the U.K. is being driven by the approaching implementation of a central government mandate requiring use of BIM on all national public projects by 2016, with over two thirds (67%) of U.K. owners reporting that the mandate has a high impact on their use of BIM

Phillip G. Bernstein, Vice President of Strategic Industry Relations at Autodesk comments on the report:

“The McGraw Hill Construction report clearly shows the most important driver of BIM use in Singapore and the U.K. has been their national BIM mandates,” he continues, “With these two governments continuing to make infrastructure development a high priority, the adoption of BIM has become a critically important step towards minimizing lifecycle building costs and improving the design quality of their built assets. The report makes evident that the desire to become an industry leader is an aspect of the BIM policies of Singapore and the U.K. To this end, a significant impact of these BIM mandates has been to ensure that construction sectors are becoming more globally competitive.”

The UK government mandate to introduce level 2 BIM to all Government property projects by 2016 has gone a long way to influence the involvement of BIM in the UK and the repert highlights several key areas:

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Concerto integrates BIM data validation and 3D modelling

Concerto integrates BIM data validation and 3D modelling.

The Concerto (common data environment) BIM functionality allows you to validate, share and collaborate all your BIM documentation and models in your own browser with no plugins required…

Concerto CDE - complete BIM software supporting the common data environment

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View your cad files within your browser with no plug-in required


Concerto is pleased to announce its latest CAD development, which allows for the viewing and control of CAD files within your browser without the need for plug-ins.

In line with the Concerto solution’s BIM functionality, this latest release also allows users to view essential COBie data by clicking on relevant areas of the plan.

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How do you validate your project data for successful asset management?

There is only one thing worse than having no data on your projects to share, is to have invalidated data that you are sharing!

We recently presented on this topic at the Future of Public Sector Property and Estates Conference at Salford University. It is certainly a timely topic given the impending legislation surrounding BIM. Arguably, the core key element to the success of the BIM data environment is the validity of your data and most Local Authorities are now looking at how to ready their processes and their supporting technology for this and, BIM or no BIM, the principle remains the same; that validated data sets the stage for an efficiently run project and well managed asset in the longer term. Questions we raised at the conference included:

  • Is your project data accurate?
  • What happens downstream if it isn’t?
  • How can we effectively manage data to ensure the success of your assets?

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