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Is your organisation is considering a new asset management solution?

If so, we would like to introduce to you the Concerto Asset Management Enterprise Solution which is currently used by over 60 Public Sector organisations across the UK. A 360 degree integrated, user-friendly web based solution with significant strengths when compared with other solutions on the market today. As a company, we understand the potential concerns around changing systems and have tried and tested, robust processes in place to make this a short and painless path to an efficient, transparent and collaborative way of working…



“Carrying out a refresh of our data on the Concerto system was quick and easy. To do an export from the old system into Concerto, exactly where I wanted the data to end up, was efficient from start to finish. In a previous life I would have relied on the software provider to do it for me. This would have taken a lot longer and cost us more.”
Data Analyst at Oldham borough Council

In an interview about data migration, Concerto’s lead Data Analyst David Carr and Project Manager James Heysmond talk about the data migration process and how savings can be made….

“As a technology partner to public sector organisations across the UK, we are aware of the potential pitfalls of data migration. Weeks and weeks of man-hours spent on moving data, with plenty of room for error, costs money unnecessarily. This is a scenario we avoid, explains David Carr, Concerto’s lead Data Analyst. “We have robust, automated systems in place to ensure this process is quick, easy and risk free.”

Concerto Project Manager James highlights the savings to be made through efficiency in data migration saying, “There are clear, cash benefits to this process. Firstly, thanks to these advanced routines, it doesn’t require anywhere near as many days to take out the data and script the data in. Secondly, our import routines provide exception reports, which tell the user if there is anything wrong in the data set. It also tells you exactly where the error is, ensuring it is easily located and corrected before it is imported. This data validation process saves so much time – imagine if an import just failed and gave no notification of why, or where the error is.”

“In my opinion, too many other suppliers rely solely on the developer to script the data migration process. This puts the emphasis on people and man-hours rather than on automation, using the technology itself to ensure efficiencies.”


A key to Concerto’s successful uptake is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Intelligently designed customisable dashboards with at-a-glace key information always available mean that users do not feel overwhelmed and find their way around easily.

“The ongoing support from Concerto has been brilliant. I’ve never felt that I’ve had to wait long to get a query or issue dealt with and I find the software really easy to use”

Concerto also offers a cusotmisable supplier portal to ensure its optimal usability is extended to all users.

“The concerto interface is simple to use by FM teams and makes it much easier to identify faulty items. We are now in a much better place to deliver key objectives.

FM Manager, Manchester City Council

This results is a positive and rapid take up by users and minimises the need for training which can be offered via the traditional workshops, but also video link and via our online help system.

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Concerto’s Senior Trainer heads to Bermuda

Our second lucky member of staff is on the plane to Bermuda today to deliver a 5 day training program to the staff at the Government of Bermuda.

The government of Bermuda recently went live with Concerto, having selected to solution to manage their property portfolio and bring together all property related functionality under one roof. these functions include

  • maintaining and implementing a property asset management plan;
  • providing property and land related management services to all ministries;
  • landlord management for all Government owned properties;
  • licenses and lease management for the foreshore and seabed;
  • ensuring all properties are adequately insured;
  • providing facilities management for all buildings;
  • providing maintenance, repairs and minor renovations for all buildings.

Concerto’s senior Trainer, Stuart will be delivering a 5 day training program to cover a number of aspects of the Concerto solution including


  • project management
  • states management
  • sites
  • condition surveys
  • estates management
  • help desk

The Help Desk will be going live on the 15th May.



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Concerto wins place on the G-Cloud 9 Digital Marketplace

Concerto is pleased to announce its continued presence on the G-Cloud Framework. The latest round, G Cloud 9, is part of the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace where public sector organisations can access suppliers and procure products and services without the need for a lengthy tender process.

Buying services through frameworks is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts. Buyers and suppliers still need to sign a contract (or ‘call-off contract’) for each service bought through a framework.

The G Cloud Framework is an agreement between the Government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services and the Concerto Asset Management suite of web based software can be found within the Software as a Service (SaaS) category.

We have a number of clients who have bought the Concerto solution via G-Cloud, most recently Stirling Council. The process is more efficient and direct, cutting out a lot of red tape!”
James Heysmond, Business Development Director, Concerto

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Concerto works with Manchester City Council on NRM3 Compliancy

RICS nrm3

RICS nrm3

Concerto is working together with Manchester City Council on an exciting project of development to align Concerto software with the RICS NRM3 taxonomy.

This development, championed by Manchester City Council means the Concerto Property Asset Management solution will be compliant with the RICS new rules of measurement at the project handover and operational phases. This will have huge implications on the efficiency of how buildings are handed over for use.

The RICS NRM3 standards are firmly linked to the BIM Level 2 outcomes – to gather and use project information data in a 3D environment and in the correct format in order to enable faster, greener and leaner construction projects.

Concerto has, in the past, championed work alongside Manchester City Council to align the Concerto solution with BIM Level 2. The software supports the common BIM data environment from initial inception, design and build right through to operational management. This project to align Concerto with the NRM3 standards further adds to our work to provide an effective and recognised common data environment to support disparate property teams.

“Our work with Manchester means they are capturing the data through a condition survey and asset capture programme. The data will then be used to inform the management team on projected spend and condition of assets by priority. So for example, how much do I need to spend on roof repairs, where the work is critical, within a specific timeframe? Added to this, the NRM3 taxonomy also links with SFG20, so the asset classification related to a physical asset can relate back to the required SFG20 maintenance codes. This will allow the Council to understand the maintenance regimes and costs across the estate, and have a consistent well-governed approach to maintenance.”

Greg Davies, Operations Director, Concerto

The RICS ‘standards’ refer to new rules of measurement that offer a common data classification for maintenance and life cycle asset replacement works. This simplifies how lifecycle costing can be carried out in new, collaborative digital environments so that quantity surveyors can do so as the norm.

Adopting the common data classification provides a practical basis for supporting the data interfaces between project teams; cost managers and facilities management operators during design development and handover.

“Concerto’s work with Manchester focuses on the handover phase. By adopting the common data environment, it allows data transfer at handover, when creating or updating asset registers and when undertaking condition surveys for in-use phases.”

For more information, contact Concerto at

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Concerto exhibit at Government Property and Estates Conference

Concerto will be again be exhibiting with One CPD on Thursday 17th April at Old Trafford, Manchester.
The focus of this Government Property and Estates conference is the transformation of service delivery across public estates. Experts in this field will be presenting at this conference to explain how the initiative could help your organisation make significant savings over the next four years. Learn how engaging with the One Public Estate programme can improve services, boost capital receipts and generate economic growth.

We will be showcasing the Concerto estates management solution alongside Bellrock FM, our parent company, who offer the full range of complimentary FM services.

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Welcome back James!

James Heysmond, Business Development Director

James Heysmond, Business Development Director

We are delighted to welcome James back into the Concerto team.

James has worked for Concerto for 4 years as a senior Project Manager helping on board many of our users such as States of Jersey Vinci Mouchel (Lincolnshire) and retail giant Poundland / Dealz amongst many others. Prior to this James worked as information officer at Nottinghamshire County Council.

After a short sabbatical, James returns as our new Business Development Director. He brings to this role a wealth of experience and unrivaled knowledge of both Concerto and the unique requirements of our customers.

I am delighted to be taking on this role . The culture here at Concerto is fantastic; members of staff at all levels are unified by the vision to truly make the Concerto product the best it can possibly be. Lateral thinking is encouraged, collegiality is promoted, high spirits are commonplace!”


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NEWSFLASH: Concerto works with Wirral Borough Council on Timesheets Interface

Wirral Borough Council logo

Wirral Borough Council logo

Wirral Borough Council are a longstanding Concerto user group member.

Our latest development alongside the Council is the implementation of a timesheet interface from the Concerto Property Asset Management solution to Wirral’s ERP system.

This development will allow the transfer of time recorded against a project in Concerto over to the finance system for re billing. The benefits are that it ensures that project managers can forecast predicted time and report on time expended. In addition, finance colleagues will have the ability to journal funds.


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States of Jersey project phase 2 greenlighted


Concerto is delighted to announce the next phase of implementation of the concerto Asset Management suite Jersey Property Holdings, States of Jersey.

Since being awarded this contract, Concerto has been working alongside States of Jersey on a number of bespoke developments. This has included two-way financial interfaces between the Concerto property asset management software solution and Jersey’s internal finance system. This interface will now give the department a 360 degree consolidated view of financial performance.

  • The States of Jersey went live with Concerto last year with the following elements:
  • Managing core asset data
  • Automated bi-directional finance interface with the states ERP system
  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Reactive helpdesk
  • Revenue projects
  • Supplier’s portal


Concerto and JPH have also worked closely together to align the solution with Jersey’s colloquial terms, many of which are not used in the UK.

Phase 2 of the implementation project has now been green lighted and is underway. This is to include managing the rent roll and interfaces to the states of Jersey finance system.

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Updates from Bermuda

Government of Bermuda logo

Government of Bermuda logo

To kick off our recent contract win with the Government of Bermuda, our Senior Project Manager Sally arrived on the island last Friday to run a series of workshops and oversee implementation.

“Day two is complete and it was an all systems go day with the Helpdesk team. By the end of the session we were well on the way to an agreed Helpdesk structure and everyone was very enthusiastic about their new system. I met with the Minister of Public Works who has requested a presentation of the system on Friday and the focus tomorrow is on PPM and projects”. Sally.

Concerto roll out software with Government of  Bermuda

Concerto’s Project manager Sally delivers a series of workshops

Concerto roll out software with Government of Bermuda

The Government of Bermuda Helpdesk team

With a property portfolio managed in very much the same way as here on the British mainland, the government of Bermuda selected Concerto to manage their property portfolio and bring together all property related functionality under one roof, including

  • maintaining and implementing a property asset management plan;
  • providing property and land related management services to all ministries;
  • landlord management for all Government owned properties;
  • licenses and lease management for the foreshore and seabed;
  • ensuring all properties are adequately insured;
  • providing facilities management for all buildings;
  • providing maintenance, repairs and minor renovations for all buildings.

About Concerto

Acting as a central hub, Concerto brings together all property management related functionality under one roof. It links your finance system, your project environment and you asset and operational management together to facilitate holistic, collaborative and highly efficient management of your assets. The functionality is rich and organisations can select the functionality they require from an array of components, which are configurable to internal processes.

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Concerto announce contract with Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust logo

Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust logo

Concerto has been announced as the software of choice for the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The Trust has selected Concerto via the Government’s Digital Marketplace framework G-Cloud. Launched in 2012, the G-Cloud framework aims to promote the adoption of cloud-based software applications in Central Government and the wider Public Sector in order to improve performance levels and reduce procurement costs. Concerto has been a part of the framework since 2013 and has just recently been awarded a place on G Cloud 8.

G-Cloud offers the Trust with an alternative procurement solution, negating the need to undertake lengthy tender processes and qualification procedures. Based on a 2 year contract (maximum allowable under G Cloud rules) clients are able to pay a simple annual fee for the license, support and hosting. In addition the daily rates for implementation, project management and date take on are also purchased through G Cloud Framework.

Concerto is being rolled out across the Trust to manage its Property and assets portfolio. Implementation will take on a phased approach and include the following property management functionality:

• Core sites
• Estates
• Planned and reactive maintenance
• Projects
• Programmes
• Budgets Management
• Associated administrative functions
• Facilities Management Helpdesk and PPM

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