Asset Management data migration – how to make efficiency savings

In many cases, transferring to a new system is not without its risks. Pulling large quantities of data out of your old system and into new technology can require extensive resources. Despite the advanced technology of today, there is still much room for error, which often results in increased costs for the user and negating anticipated efficiency savings.

Concerto’s lead Data Analyst David Carr and Project Manager James Heysmond talk about the data migration process and how savings can be made….

“As a technology partner to public sector organisations across the UK, we are aware of the potential pitfalls of data migration. Weeks and weeks of man-hours spent on moving data, with plenty of room for error, costs money unnecessarily. This is a scenario we avoid, explains David Carr, Concerto’s lead Data Analyst. “We have robust, automated systems in place to ensure this process is quick, easy and risk free.”

He continues, “At Concerto we have developed a user friendly web portal to map data, which is simply put, a data matching exercise. Once our customers have pulled their data out of their existing system into a spreadsheet, it can be easily mapped to the Concerto system using a user-friendly interface. Customers can manage this data migration process independently with the full and direct support of one of our designated, skilled Data Analyst.”



The Concerto Data Migration Interface facilitates an efficient, error free process


“Data is also easily refreshed, so if there has to be multiple exports out of the old system into Concerto, for example on different dates, as long as the customer knows where they want the data to go in the system, it can be easily and quickly refreshed at any time.”

“Carrying out a refresh of our data on the Concerto system was quick and easy. To do an export from the old system into Concerto, exactly where I wanted the data to end up, took one hour from start to finish. In a previous life I would have relied on the software provider to do it for me. This would have taken a lot longer and cost us more.”

Data Analyst at Oldham borough Council


Concerto Project Manager James highlights the savings to be made through efficiency in data migration saying, “there are clear, cash benefits to this process. Firstly, thanks to these advanced routines, it doesn’t require anywhere near as many days to take out the data and script the data in. Secondly, our import routines provide exception reports, which tell the user if there is anything wrong in the data set. It also tells you exactly where the error is, ensuring it is easily located and corrected before it is imported. This data validation process saves so much time – imagine if an import just failed and gave no notification of why, or where the error is.”

“In my opinion, too many other suppliers rely solely on the developer to script the data migration process. This puts the emphasis on people and man-hours rather than on automation, using the technology itself to ensure efficiencies.”

“Our customers can run the advanced import routines themselves, it is not difficult,” explains David. “We use the system to import and validate the data, rather than just people, so have a much more automated process of getting the data in from a flat source. As an example of our most recent client, a large County Council, we migrated all the data within 6 weeks from start to finish. Then all we had to do was re run the import and that was it. Using manpower alone, this would have taken months, with lots of room for error.”

James concludes by saying, “we support this whole process by ensuring we employ skilled staff who are knowledgeable in their subject area. Our users have a high level of support throughout the data migration process to ensure it is a success”.

“Concerto worked with me directly and set up the correct fields so they matched exactly and we were able to transfer the data across, as if Concerto had been completely tailored to my requirements. The ongoing support from Concerto has been brilliant. I’ve never felt that I’ve had to wait long to get a query or issue dealt with and I find the software really easy to use.”

Data Analyst, RBKC